About Us

      Our common family, britain at the international business company  (SODIAL Brand) was founded in may 2006, i mainly deal in the consumer electronics 、Apparel 、Home & Garden 、Jewelry、Office Products、Pet Supplies、Sporting Goods、Watches、Lighting、Tools & Home Improvement and other products. in "with a strong chinese made to rely on the small and medium-sized manufacturers and resellers, and distinguished service achievements, the value of the output channel" to the development of philosophy, the focus on the digital electronics company, after all the members of the joint efforts by comprehensive marketing and publicity channels, Facing the world of small and medium securities recommend a strong contender for the quality products to global express shipping relying mainly on the shipping method and considerate to meet all the different needs of customers. in the company was established to this eight years, the company has built up from the six continents more regular customer, family business in every corner of the world.

      Company embraces human, the scientific management structure and systems to follow developments in this era, unceasingly exploit and innovation, pursuing with customers and employees, cooperative, a lot of interference pattern, let us work together in fine tomorrow!

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